Augmented City Game

El Professor says everything revolves around cooperation.
Together, we form one team. Together, we make a plan. Together, we execute the plan and together we will enjoy the win!
Only the best team possesses the right characteristics;
Are you team players, creative, strong, smart, mathematical, technical and quick?
Use Augmented Reality and cool gadgets. Find secret doors, virtual safes and the secret Enigma Machine.
El Professor will guide you. Cooperate and don’t make any mistakes. The police is on high alert and is keeping an eye out.
Elaborate a water-proof plan to get into and back out of the bank.
El Professor needs to know that he is working with the best team.

Tengo muchas ganas de trabajar juntos, El Profesor

For groups, families, stag, hen nights and company outings.

La Casa de Dinero is played outdoors with multiple teams or 1 team. The game takes around 2 hours. You’ll be using Augmented Reality*, an Ipad and a number of props.
If you have more than 8 players, you can create multiple teams to compete (or stay together as 1 large team).
The City Game brings out the best in the team, but the worst may come out as well…the riddles and puzzles force everyone to work together.
Are you a large group or prefer a longer/shorter game or at another time of day? No problem. Get in touch for a tailored quotation
*Augmented reality refers to the addition of virtual objects or environments to the real world.